There are three participants in the sound therapy: the Tibetan Singing Bowls (and their accessories), which provide healing frequencies. The Patient who resonates with these and the Therapist who calls the Bowls the best way to achieve the best effect and helps the Patient to allow changes and carry it through.

Purpose and effect of treatment:

Those who come to relax can relax, recharge, get answers, be more creative, get in balance.
Who hopes to get better: can get easier.
Who wants to heal, it can bring changes.
For those on the path to self-awareness: We work with energies that do not disappear at the end of treatment, but can begin to work with them. Operations bring things up and give you strength to work with them. Unlockable blocks will be unlocked if these are granted. The good attitude accelerates progress.


Epilepsy, deep vein thrombosis, first and third trimesters of pregnancy, babies, pacemaker, tired body with weakened immune system.

Clothing, duration:

Comfortable, loose fitting clothes, thick socks. It is worth removing the belt to put the Singind Bowl on the belly. For women, the bra should allow the singing bowl to be placed on the heart. Jewelry, clock set down. Phone switched off, or flying mode, muted. And the answer to the common question: yes, you can move during treatment and bodily reactions are not repressed.

The net time is 50 minutes, come a few minutes before your time to be with the Singing Bowls on time.

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